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X-men: Mutant Academy Series

Paradox Development
Onslaught (Marvel vs Capcom) says...
Behold my mighty hand. The world will tremble!
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Special Moves
Air Beam Sweep (in air)+
Downwards Beam Bolt from the air.
Air Beam Bolt (in air)+/
Straight forward Beam Bolt in the air.
Power Flash Kick
A hopping knee to somersault. Stronger version is a launcher.
Optic Uppercut
Cyclops uppercuts the opponent into the air and Beam Bolts them.
Optic Blast / [Preview]
Super Moves
Air Concussion Beam (in air)+
A Mega Optic Blast while in the air.
Hyper Rush Combo +
A combination of punches and kicks, ending in upwards Optic Blasts.
Hyper Flash Kick +
Cyclops does a single rising knee (which somehow hits multiple times), and then does a super somersa ...
Mega Optic Blast + [Preview]

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