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X-men: Mutant Academy Series

Paradox Development
Balrog (Street Fighter 5) says...
You're a good punching bag! Could be better if ya didn't break!
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Special Moves
Talon Raid (in air)+
Wolverine descends downward at an angle claw first.
Frenzied Slashes (in air)+
A frenzy of slashes while jumping.
Savage Leap +
A forward leap, that can chain into other attacks.
Talon Assault (same strength)
Downwards angle claw attack.
Swivel Kick (same strength)
Wolverine spins and does a descending double footed kick.
Slashing Frenzy +
A series of slashes with his claws, ending in an upwards slash launcher.
Super Moves
Rapid Regeneration +
Wolverine heals some of his health.
Special Delivery +
Wolverine spins like a helicopter with with arms and claws stretched out.
Precise Cut +
A single, strong slash.

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