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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Series

a.k.a. Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken: Miraihe no Isan (JPN)
"Heritage for the Future"
Hayato Kanzaki (Plasma Sword) says...
I have no time to deal with a weakling. Step aside!
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Fighter Select

Jotaro Kujo
Special Moves
Star Finger +
Star Platinum stabs at the enemy with his index finger.
Blazing Strike +
Star Platinum rushes forward with a gut punch.
Blazing Fists +
Star Platinum rushes forward with punches.
Super Moves
Star Breaker +
Super Blazing Fists +
Star Platinum advances with a ton of punches
[Lv3] Star Platinum The World (stand)
Star Platinum freezes time, allowing he and Jotaro to wail on the opponent. When time resumes, the ...

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