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Dkrav'lest Daevka
Throw Moves
Time is Money +
Basic Moves
Low Income (fc)
Business Review (fc)
Plasma Shot: Prices are Rising (fc)
Bitcoin Crisis (in air)
Oil Crisis (in air)
Plasma Shot: Limited Sellout (in air)
Skyrocketing Costs (run)
With a Wall is Better (run)
Plasma Shot: Faking Default (run)
Stock Fluctuation
Reality Check
Plasma Shot: Stock Market Policy
Command Moves
Dollar Step
Low Income +
Business Review +
Plasma Shot: Faking Default +
Evading Taxes
Shareholders' Pressure +
The One Way to Calm Down +
Plasma Shot: Shareholder Supremacy +
Skyrocketing Prices +
Skyrocketing Income +
Plasma Shot: Bursting the Bubble +
Evading Taxes
Special Moves
Plasma Shot: Sell, Sell, Sell! (in air)+

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