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Universal Gameplay

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Chuji Wu
Throw Moves
Back Slam (back)+
Cross Arm Stretch (left)+
Guillotine (right)+
Back Carry Throw +
Thunder Throw ++
Flying Jade ++
Command Moves
Tiger Kick (run)
Chuji performs a jumping spinning side kick
Running Sliding Kick (run)
Back Whirlwind +
Chuji performs a spinning backhand. His back will face his opponent after performing the move.
Dancing Destroyer +
Chuji spins around with his legs in the air.
Spinning Space Kick +
Chuji Wu does a blackflip, kicking his opponent in the process.
Sweeping Back Kick +
Tiger Punch +
Chuji steps forward and delivers a mid-hitting backhand with each hand, one in front and one behind. ...
Double Space Kick +
Hooking Thrust /+
[Back to opponent] Reverse Spinning Space Kick (wr)
[Back to opponent] Reverse Double Space Kick
String Move
Hawk Kick (fc)
Chuji performs a high-hitting kick followed by two mid-hitting side kicks.
Spring Kick (wr)
Chuji snap kicks while rising, hops in the air and performs another snap kick.
Demolition Dance +
Head Buster +
Chuji performs two high-hitting spin kicks
Double Hurricane Spiral
Chuji punches twice and ends with a spinning kick to the head
Power Double Hit 'n' Kick
Chuji punches twice and sweeps
Double Typhoon Harsh
Chuji performs two straight punches and finishes with an uppercut
Power Sliding Kick
Chuji jabs and follows up with a low-hitting kick
A 3-hit string that hits high, mid, and low
Trip and Sweep
Triple Blade Kick
low kick, mid kick, sweep
Hooking Blade Kick
Low kick and two mid-hitting side kicks

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