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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Gameplay Systems
Basic Moves
There are 3 buttons for striking attacks. Unlike most fighting games, they are mapped by hit level. They are High, Mid, and Low.
Press the same direction twice to move quickly over a short distance.
Quest Mode
In Quest Mode, players explore dungeon floors, avoid, traps, and use various items to help them on their quest. Items can be found the floor, dropped by enemies, or bought using crystals. Potions can be either helpful or harmful if consumed; if it's the latter, it can thrown at enemies to get an edge in battle. There is no way to save your progress, so an error at a critical moment may mean starting over. Beating a dungeon in Quest Mode is the only means of unlocking a character.
Ring Out
A character who gets knocked off the edge will lose. If both characters fall off the arena, the one who lands at the bottom first is the loser. Ring outs are particular dangerous in Tobal since the arenas are quite small and the grappling system allows characters to throw in an opponent backwards, forewords, or sideways.
While dashing forward, holding down the forward direction will make the character run. Only a forward run is possible.
Throw Escape
Pressing the an attack button and help you escape from a hold. In addition, if tries to pull or push an opponent, the player must do the the same in order to escape. If the opponent pulls, the player must pull. If the opponent pushes, the player must push. It is possible to guard against frontal strikes from a hold.
Throw Moves
Pressing the Guard+Mid (standing opponent) or down+Guard+Mid (crouching opponents) will initiate a grab. From this position, the player can perform strikes, throws, and move his/her opponent around the arena. Beware, it is possible for the opponent to escape and reverse throws.
Throw Reversals
With proper timing, players reverse attempts at throwing by pressing the Guard+Mid.
Wake Up Options
Pressing the direction will control where your character will spring while on the ground. Pressing the attack button will activate a rising attack.

Universal Moves

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