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The Terminator
Throw Moves
Death Grip (in air)(close)+
Grabs the opponent in a bear hug, then breaks their back when they touch the ground, followed by a t ...
Command Moves
Hammer Slammer +
Pops up with a backhand, then grabs them out of the air by the ankle and slams them on the opposite ...
Rising Shrapnel +
Ducking shotgun blast to the face.
Special Moves
Endoskeleton Automatic at low health
Terminator's skin burns off, revealing his Endoskeleton. He gains super armor but his moves are seve ...
Incapacitator +
Throws a sticky grenade which disables the opponent's ability to use meter for a period.
Ion Grenade +
An arching electric grenade which detonates shortly after landing.
Sawed Off +
Shotgun blast. Does more damage when closer.
Cyber Rift +
Terminator punches the ground with an electric grenade in his hand, sending the blast across the flo ...
Rolling Ion Grenade +
Tosses an electric grenade along the ground, which pops the foe up when it detonates.
Endo Lunge +
Distance can be decided by holding backward or forward as the leap begins.
Running Man +
Terminator runs toward the opponent for a few seconds, opening up new attack options.
Killing Machine +(hold)
Terminator turns his back and negates any projectiles that come at him as long as the button is held ...
T.D.E. +(hold)
Teleport behind the opponent with a time sphere. Reappearance can be delayed by holding the button.
Infiltrator Toss +
Snatches the foe out of the air and tosses them behind him.
Terminate +
Gives Terminator Super Armor and a nice red aura, but disables blocking, dashing, jump, and ducking ...
Albi Back Breaker +
Terminator lifts the opponent onto his shoulder and breaks their back, then tosses them.
Gorilla Press Slam +
Overhead lift to slam.
Super Moves
Chill Out +
Overhead punch to start, followed by a shotgun butt, blast to the face with thumbs up. He then grabs ...

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