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Basic Moves
Anti-Air Grab +
Sheeva reaches up and snatches her opponent out of the air, tossing them to the ground and stomping ...
Special Moves
Death March +(hold)
Sheeva heads toward the opponent for a few steps, then delivers a kick. Holding the button can cause ...
Dragon Stance +
Sheeva poses and ignites a small fireball in each hand. Pressing any of the attack buttons will flin ...
Shield Toss +
Sheeva goes all Captain America and tosses a shield at the opponent.
Dragon Charge +
Shield charge.
Spinning Dragon +
Two turning shield strikes.
Queen's Punishment +
Sheeva grabs the opponent by the leg and suspends them upside-down, punching them once with each of ...
Searing Blast +
Standard fireball.
Low Grab +
Sheeva follows up with a kick unless Meter Burned, which pops the opponent up instead but does just ...
Untamed Fury +
Sheeva lunges forward for a grab with her lower arms, bashing them with her top arms if she connects ...
Furious Stomp + [Preview]
Death From Above
Sheeva leaps off the top of the screen and lands on the opponent.
Super Moves
Battered and Broken +
Sheeva starts out with a Punch Walk, then smashes the opponent in the face with her shield, which ha ...

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