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Shang Tsung
Special Moves
Screaming Soul +
Tsung throws a soul at the opponent. Can be delayed by charging the button; delay can be canceled by ...
Slide +
Morph into Reptile and slide forward.
Sorcery Rush +
Magical sliding attack.
Crashing Flames +
Tsung summons two high fireballs, one after another, which crash downward at an angle like comets.
Force Lift +
Morph into Ermac and lift and slam with telekinesis.
Inferno Barrier +
Tsung can put the barrier in front of the opponent if backward is held before the fire is summoned.
Soul Well +
Tsung puts a soul jar into the air.
Shake +
Morph into Smoke and pose with smoke clouds. If hit with a projectile, he'll teleport above the oppo ...
Superkick +
Morph into Rain and roundhouse kick the opponent hard enough for them to wrap around the screen. Can ...
Vile Inscriptions +
Tsung uses his scroll to cause the opponent to take more damage for a while.
Corpse Drop +
Holding backward or forward before the corpse drops will change its position.
Scatter Souls +
Tsung pulls out a soul jar and crushes it between his hands, causing a small burst of soul energy to ...
Malignant Sorcery +
Tsung uses his scroll to cause the opponent to cause less damage for a while.
[Soul Well] Absorb Souls +
Tsung absorbs the souls in his soul jar into him, healing 40% damage by default, or additional damag ...
[Soul Well] +
Flaming Skull + [Preview]
Soul Steal +
Tsung briefly morphs into the opponent with a damage boost instead of healing.
Volcanic Skulls +
Only summons two skulls unless ES'd
Body Switch
Tsung and the opponent disappear in a puff of fire, then reappear in the opposite positions.
Super Moves
Shapeshifter's Barrage +
Tsung hits the opponent with a burst of souls, then turns into Sub-Zero, sliding into them and then ...

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