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Basic Moves
Baraka smashes the back of his hand against the foe's face.
Command Moves
Blade Swipe +
Baraka draws his blade and swipes it horizontally.
Double Kick +,
After smashing his knee into the foe, Baraka extends his leg out to deliver a second strike.
Special Moves
Blade Charge +
Baraka dashes forward and impales the opponent, lifting them up and then withdrawing one blade so th ...
Blood Lunge +
Baraka pounces on the opponent, taking them to the ground and stabbing them through the chest with b ...
Baraka-Serker +
Baraka rushes forward while wildly swinging his blades.
Gutted +
Baraka grabs the opponent, then shoves a blade into their stomach and headbutts them to knock them a ...
Leg Kabob +
Baraka stabs the opponent in the leg, then uses his other blade to chop his blade off, leaving it st ...
Spine Burst +
Baraka flexes and shoots the spikes on his shoulders off
War Banner +
Baraka plants a flag in the ground. While this flag is present, it buffs all of his damage.
War Banner Bash +
Baraka smacks the opponent with a flag, then plants it in the ground. While active, all damage from ...
[War Banner] War Banner Charge +
Baraka grabs a planted War Banner charges forward with it, then replants it. Can be delayed by holdi ...
[War Banner] Staked +
Baraka grabs a planted War Banner and jams it into the opponent's gut.
Flying Shard +
Baraka scrapes his blades together, causing a friction projectile.
Chop-Chop Blades +
Baraka crouches down with his blades extended and moves his arms in a scissor motion, ensnaring the ...
Super Moves
Skewered +
Baraka leaps at the opponent with a blade drawn, and as they fail to stop his attack with their palm ...

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