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Special Moves
Kahnum Dash +
Mileena runs toward the opponent for as long as the Attack 4 button is held, up to a maximum of 4 se ...
Low Sai +
Mileena does the splits and throws a sai low.
Sai Slide +
Mileena sends an energy sai across the ground, which will travel a short time, or until it gets to t ...
Stabyscotch +
Mileena grabs her opponent by the face and pushes them to the ground behind her, then turns around a ...
Vanish +
Mileena trades slightly decreased damage for brief invisibility, appearing only as an undefinable pu ...
Rolling Thunder +
Mileena curls up into a ball and rolls across the ground, injuring the foe upon impact.
Soaring Sai +(air) [Preview]
Kick From Above +(air) [Preview]

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