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Special Moves
Molotov Cocktail +
Bottle can be thrown closer or further by holding backward or forward before the bottle is thrown.
Bio-Magnetic Pull +
Kano's cybernetic heart emits a ray which pulls the opponent toward him.
Bio-Magnetic Trap +
The trap's trajectory can be changed with backward or forward before it leaves Kano's hand.
Rack Off +
Kano slaps his muscle, and if hit in this pose, stabs the opponent in the arm with a knife and sends ...
Snake Bite +
An upward leaping knife attack followed by a descending stab.
Chemical Burn +
Kano backs up a bit and tosses some nasty chemicals in the opponent's face, causing a temporary dama ...
Lumbar Check +
Backdrop slam
Vege-Mighty +
Kano taps the light on his chest and gets a temporary damage buff.
Eye Laser +
Kano fires a laser from his cybernetic eye.
Knife Toss + [Preview]
Cannonball +(air) [Preview]
Super Moves
Not here to fuck spiders +
Kano starts with a headbutt, then stabs the foe in the gut a few times, before using the still-impa ...

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