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Johnny Cage
Command Moves
Gym Kick +
Johnny performs a close high kick that knocks the opponent into the air.
Special Moves
Pissed Off backforward+attack1
Grabs the opponent and strikes them with several quick close punches.
Mime Time +
Johnny mimes being trapped in a box. If struck with most physical attacks while doing this, he'll re ...
Say Cheese +
Johnny takes out a camera and stuns opponents with the flash.
Caged Rage +
A forward-moving punch that hits high. If Caged Rage is blocked, the next one does more damage and h ...
Stunt Double +
Johnny motions for his stunt double to come in off-screen behind the opponent and nail them with an ...
Brass Knuckles +
Johnny puts on a pair of glowing brass knuckles which increase block damage done by all attacks.
Throwing Shades +
Johnny throws his sunglasses at the opponent's face and puts on another pair.
Splits Punch +
While performing the splits, Johnny punches out at the opponents crotch.
Energy Bolt +
Johnny whips his hand around and flings a green bolt of energy at his foe.
Shadow Kick +
Johnny slides forward with a kick, trailed by green shadows.
High Forceball +
Johnny lobs a Forceball that has a higher arc.
Flipkick +
A shadow-trailed flipping kick attack.
Shadow Uppercut + [Preview]
Low Forceball +
Johnny lobs a trailing energy sphere at the opponent in a slight arc.
Super Moves
The Award Goes To +
Johnny starts out with a green energy punch, then follows up with two energy kicks (one to the chest ...

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