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Throw Moves
Demon Slam (in air)(close)+
Scorpion's hand catches on fire and he grabs the opponent, spinning them around and as they drop, he ...
Command Moves
Death Spin +
Scorpion spins his spear around vertically three times and then throws it straight.
Fire Breathing +
Scorpion pulls off his mask and breathes fire on the foe.
Special Moves
Demon Dash +
Scorpion becomes a flaming skeleton and glides forward. If he catches the opponent as his trajectory ...
Burning Spear ,+
Amplifying Burning Spear creates a burst of Nether Flame around Scorpion.
Misery Blade +
Scorpion starts slowly drawing his katana, during which he has several attack options.
Hell Port +(air)
Scorpion pops off the side of the screen behind him, leaving an after-image of himself that fades aw ...
Fire Ball +
Scorpion flings a ball of hellfire.
Spear + [Preview]

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