Mortal Kombat 11 Movelist

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Special Moves
Air Quantum Slice (in air)+
Rain uses his Quantum Slice to propel himself forward in the air, hitting the opponent if they're in ...
Katar Toss +
Rain throws his katar at the opponent.
Argus Plunge +
Rain turns into a big ball of water and floats forward. Catching the opponent with it will put them ...
Quantum Slice +
Rain cuts a hole in the space/time fabric that damages the opponent.
Geyser Kick (MK11) +
Leaping roundhouse.
Geyser Palm +
Diagonal anti-air version of the Water Blast/Riptide that is unblockable, hits twice, and knocks the ...
Purple Pain +
Rain summons a stormcloud high in the air, which drifts slowly and fires off a lightning bolt.
Hydroplane +
Rain pivots back with his palms up and a short wall of water in front of him, then slides forward an ...
Tidal Wave +
Rain punches the ground and causes large waves of water to splash on each side of him.
Evaporate +
Rain turns into water in his shape, becoming completely invincible while in this form. Can be extend ...
Quantum Rift +
Rain slices a hole in the space/time continuum that parries projectiles.
Wave Dash +
For a brief time, Rain can slide on puddles, allowing his backward and forward dashes to be faster a ...
Water Blast / Riptide +
Rain fires off a stream of water at his foe.
Water Ball +
No longer has its controlling properties unless Amplified.

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