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Dragon Ball Z Series

Akuma (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
My destiny is to defeat all challengers who wander the earth!
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Mira (Supervillain)
Special Moves
Darkness Mixer +3D
Mira powers up and restores ki and stamina. Also knocks back and damages the opponent if they are cl ...
Phantom Fist +
Purple energy swirls around Mira, and if he is struck, he will teleport and regain stamina.
Rage Saucer +
Auto-combo with teleporting in-between.
Galick Beam Cannon +
A dark energy blast with a corkscrew swirl around it.
Energy Barrier ++3D
Mira releases a protective barrier to knock away his foe.
Serious Bomb ++
A shoryuken followed by a giant ball of dark purple energy.

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