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Dragon Ball Z Series

Sodom (Street Fighter Alpha 3) says...
Meet saw, show you?
(How do you want it?)
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Kid Gohan
Special Moves
Energy Charge +3D
Gohan powers up and accumulates ki.
Super Guard +
Ki shield.
Evil Rise Strike +
Energy-cloaked barrel roll.
Meteor Strike +
A kick that knocks the foe flying, followed by a teleport into their trajectory to kick them in the ...
Energy Wave Combo +
Two Energy Waves by default; can be charged to do up to six.
Evil Ray Strike +
Energy-cloaked rushing attack.
Masenko +
Gohan crosses his wrists overhead to gather ki for a second, then fires a blast.
Super Moves
Super Back Jump ++3D
Quick backward somersault.
Super Front Jump ++3D
Quick forward somersault.
Full Power Energy Wave ++
An Energy Wave using all of his power.
Unrelenting Barrage ++
Seven Evil Ray Strikes in various directions.

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