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Dragon Ball Z Series

Ken Masters (Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter) says...
You had no chance against me, but maybe Sean...?
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Special Moves
Charged Ki Wave +3D
Regains stamina.
Energy Charge +3D
The Saibaman powers up and accumulates ki.
Afterimage +
Rapid fire ki blasts.
Super Guard +
Ki shield.
Meteor Strike +
A kick that knocks the foe flying, followed by a teleport into their trajectory to kick them in the ...
Sledgehammer +
Overhead axe handle.
Consecutive Energy Blast +
Rapid fire ki blasts.
Saibabeam +
Green beam fired from the opening in the head.
Super Moves
Instant Rise ++3D
Short-range teleport upward.
Spread Shot Retreat ++3D
Fires a wide spread of ki blasts while moving backwards.
Full Power Energy Blast Volley ++
Rapid barrage of fully-charged ki blasts.
Self-Destruct ++
The Saibaman goes in for a leaping grab attempt. If successful, it explodes. In some games, this wil ...

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