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Special Moves
Charged Ki Wave +3D
Regains stamina.
Energy Charge +3D
Goku powers up and accumulates ki.
Rise to Action +3D
Slaps himself and regains stamina.
Backflip +
Backward evading handspring.
Spirit Boost +
Red sphere of ki that nullifies other ki attacks.
Kamehameha Boost +
Goku turns around and fires a Kamehameha, sending him flying in the direction he was previously faci ...
Shockwave +
Close-range burst of invisible ki from the hand.
Sledgehammer +
Overhead axe handle.
Bending Kamehameha +
Taiyoken +
Placing his hands at his face, Goku emits a growing field of energy around him. Foes that come in co ...
Kamehameha + [Preview]
Super Moves
Spread Shot Retreat ++3D
Fires a wide spread of ki blasts while moving backwards.
Super Jump Front ++3D
Quick forward somersault.
Turn Retreat ++3D
Goku spins backwards like a top.
Full Power Energy Blast Volley ++
Rapid barrage of fully-charged ki blasts.
Kaioken ++
Goku is surrounded by a red aura when using this technique, and his fighting abilities are augmented ...
Super Saiyan ++
Goku transform in a Super Saiyan.
Super Kamehameha ++
A more powerful version of Goku's signature attack.

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