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Erinaceomorphs and Serpents
Sonic Championship is reportedly the result of AM2 designer Masahiro Sugiyama slipping Sonic and Tails into Fighting Vipers out of boredom. Sega big cheese Yu Suzuki happened to see this, and liked the idea, presenting it to Sonic creator Yuji Naka. Naka approved, and instead of just including Sonic and Tails as secret characters, AM2 decided to build a completely new game around the characters. Sonic can still be accessed in the arcade version of Fighting Vipers through extensive hacking.

Sweeter Than Honey [Show Image]
Hidden deep within the code of Sonic the Fighters/Championship is a completely finished character by the name of Honey. Honey is an anthropomorphic cat that is dressed identically to the Honey/Candy character in Fighting Vipers. This version of Honey, wearing her Player 2 colors, was actually first seen briefly in Sanman's portion of the Fighting Vipers intro.

Honey was finally made playable in the 2012 Xbox Live/PlayStation Network port of Sonic the Fighters, with her slight graphics glitches cleaned up.

Wait... isn't she Private Vasquez?
Sega didn't think the same as Capcom in respect to their movements to avoid Mike Tyson's call. We can realize that in Fighting Vipers, where there's Jane, a character who's almost a copy of Private Jenette Vasquez from the "Aliens" film. Not only they share different forms of the same name, but also the same interests. Jenette from "Aliens" works for the Marine Corps, while FV's Jane wanted to work for it but didn't make it through. More similarities? Well, they actually share the same appearance. Both have boy short hair, the same kind of red headwear, green tanktop and camo pants. Perhaps this excess of "similarities" made Sega change a bit her looks for FV2?