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The Undying Disease [Show Image]
One of the weirder loose ends in Guilty Gear's plot is Raven, servant of That Man and apparent "parallel existence" of Axl Low. He appears in some story scenes in Guilty Gear XX and in the novel "Lightning the Argent."
Raven returns as a boss in Guilty Gear 2, unfortunately doing little to shed light on Daisuke Ishiwatari's grand scheme, but at least becoming playable as a DLC character.

Who's That Man [Show Image]
"That Man" is a major character in the Guilty Gear saga, despite only appearing in story scenes, and finally as a boss in Guilty Gear 2.
Much about That Man is ambiguous, but he is apparently the creator of the Gears, and knows Sol's real name. I-no and Raven are his servants.
In Guilty Gear 2 his voice, diminutive stature, and comments by himself and Sol suggest that he ages backwards.