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Infinite Stratos: Versus Colors
a.k.a. インフィニット・ストラトス ヴァーサスカラーズ
Project YNP
Joe Higashi (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
Face me, if you are ready to die!
Summary Characters


isvc lingyin huang select art.jpg
Image Gallery
Cecilia Alcott
isvc cecilia alcott select art.jpg
Charlotte Dunois
isvc charlotte dunois select art.jpg
Houki Shinonono
isvc houki shinonono select art.jpg
Ichika Orimura
isvc ichika orimura select art.jpg
Laura Bodewig
isvc laura bodewig select art.jpg
Lingyin Huang
isvc lingyin huang select art.jpg
Character Costumes

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