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Phantom Breaker: Extra
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Cooler (DragonBall XenoVerse 2) says...
I'll turn you into space dust!
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gaito and rin portrait screen.png

Appears in Situation Battle Mode and as a small icon next to the health meter.
Image Gallery

limited edition artwork.jpg
Manual Scan 1.jpg
cocoa portrait screen.png
cocoa versus screen.png
ende portrait screen.png
ende versus screen.png
ende victory screen.png
fin portrait screen.png
fin versus screen.png
Gaito & Rin
gaito and rin portrait screen.png
gaito and rin victory screen.png
gaito versus screen.png
infinity portrait screen.png
infinity versus screen.png
Itsuki Kouno
itsuki portrait screen.png
itsuki versus screen.png
Kurisu Makise
kurisu versus screen.png
l portrait screen.png
l versus screen.png
m portrait screen.png
m versus screen.png
Mei Orisaka
mei pbe art 001.jpg
mei portrait screen.png
mei versus screen.png
mei victory screen.png
Mikoto Nishina
mikoto pbe art 001.jpg
mikoto phantom break 1.png
mikoto portrait screen.png
mikoto versus screen.png
mikoto victory screen.png
Ren Tatewaki
ren portrait screen.png
ren versus screen.png
Ria Toujyou
ria portrait screen.png
ria versus screen.png
ria victory screen.png
Rimi Sakihata
rimi versus screen.png
Shizuka Saejima
shizuka portrait screen.png
shizuka versus screen.png
shizuka victory screen.png
Sophia Karganova
sophia portrait screen.png
sophia versus screen.png
sophia victory screen.png
Tokiya Kanzaki
tokiya portrait screen.png
tokiya versus screen.png
w.mikoto portrait screen.png
w.mikoto versus screen.png
Waka Kumon
waka pbe art 001.jpg
waka portrait screen.png
waka versus screen.png
waka victory screen.png
Yuzuha Fujibayashi
yuzuha portrait screen.png
yuzuha versus screen.png
yuzuha victory screen.png
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