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ren rough sketch 1.jpg

From the Phantom Breaker - Official Visual Works book.
Image Gallery

artwork 001.jpg
artwork 1.jpg
artwork 2.jpg
artwork 3.jpg
artwork 4.jpg
artwork 5.jpg
artwork 6.jpg
concept art 1.jpg
concept art 2.jpg
concept art 3.jpg
concept art 4.jpg
kurisu and rimi 1.jpg
promo pic 01.jpg
promo pic 02.jpg
cocoa artwork 001.jpg
cocoa artwork 1.jpg
cocoa concept art 1.jpg
cocoa postcard 1.jpg
cocoa rough sketch 1.jpg
cocoa versus screen art.jpg
fin concept art 1.jpg
fin postcard 1.jpg
fin rough sketch 1.jpg
infinity postcard 1.jpg
infinity rough sketch 1.jpg
Itsuki Kouno
itsuki artwork 1.jpg
itsuki concept art 1.jpg
itsuki concept art 2.jpg
itsuki postcard 1.jpg
itsuki rough sketch 1.jpg
Kurisu Makise
kurisu postcard 1.jpg
kurisu rough sketch 1.jpg
kurisu versus screen art.jpg
m artwork 1.jpg
m postcard 1.jpg
m rough sketch 1.jpg
Mei Orisaka
mei artwork 1.jpg
mei concept art 1.jpg
mei concept art 2.jpg
mei postcard 1.jpg
mei versus screen art.jpg
Mikoto Nishina
mikoto artwork 1.jpg
mikoto concept art 1.jpg
mikoto concept art 2.jpg
mikoto postcard 1.jpg
mikoto postcard 2.jpg
mikoto rough sketch 1.jpg
mikoto versus screen art.jpg
Ren Tatewaki
ren postcard 1.jpg
ren rough sketch 1.jpg
ren versus screen art.jpg
Ria Toujyou
ria artwork 1.jpg
ria postcard 1.jpg
ria rough sketch 1.jpg
Rimi Sakihata
rimi postcard 1.jpg
rimi rough sketch 1.jpg
rimi versus screen art.jpg
Tokiya Kanzaki
tokiya postcard 1.jpg
tokiya rough sketch 1.jpg
Waka Kumon
waka artwork 1.jpg
waka concept art 1.jpg
waka concept art 2.jpg
waka postcard 1.jpg
waka rough sketch 1.jpg
waka versus screen 1.png
Yuzuha Fujibayashi
yuzha artwork 1.jpg
yuzha artwork 2.jpg
yuzuha concept art 1.jpg
yuzuha concept art 2.jpg
yuzuha postcard 1.jpg
yuzuha rough sketch 1.jpg
yuzuha versus screen art.jpg
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