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Vanguard Princess
a.k.a. ヴァンガードプリンセス 先陣の姫君
"Senjin no Himegimi"
Tomoaki Sugeno
M. Bison (Capcom Fighting Evolution) says...
My power will replace all that is good with fear and hopelessness.
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hilda child vp chibi sprite art 001.png

Appears on the character select screen and next to the health meter.
Image Gallery

game manual.jpg
miokawa vp portait art 001.png
vanguard princess art 001.jpg
vanguard princess art 002.jpg
vanguard princess art 003.jpg
vanguard princess art 004.jpg
vanguard princess art 005.jpg
vp loading screen 01.png
vp sub character art 001.jpg
vp sub character art 002.jpg
vp sub character art 003.jpg
Ayane Ikuse
ayane vp chibi sprite art 001.png
ayane vp concept art 001.jpg
ayane vp cut-in art 001.png
ayane vp cut-in art 002.png
ayane vp portrait art 001.png
eko vp concept art 001.jpg
Eri Hasumi
eri vp chibi sprite art 001.png
eri vp concept art 001.jpg
eri vp cut-in art 001.png
eri vp cut-in art 002.png
eri vp portrait art 001.png
Haruka Kutuna
haruka chibi sprite.png
haruka vp concept art 001.jpg
haruka vp cut-in art 001.png
haruka vp cut-in art 002.png
haruka vp portrait art 001.png
Hilda Rize
hilda vp art 001.png
hilda vp chibi sprite art 001.png
hilda vp cut-in art 001.png
Hilda Rize (child)
hilda child vp chibi sprite art 001.png
juliet vp chibi sprite art 001.png
juliet vp concept art 001.jpg
Kaede Hioh
kaede vp chibi sprite art 001.png
kaede vp concept art 001.jpg
kaede vp cut-in art 001.png
kaede vp cut-in art 002.png
kaede vp cut-in art 003.png
kaede vp portrait art 001.png
kanae vp chibi sprite art 001.png
kanae vp concept art 001.jpg
Kurumi Mirumati
kurumi chibi sprite.png
kurumi vp concept art 001.jpg
kurumi vp cut-in art 001.png
kurumi vp portrait art 001.png
lilith chibi sprite.png
lilith vp concept art 001.jpg
lilith vp cut-in art 001.png
lilith vp cut-in art 002.png
lilith vp portrait art 001.png
Luna Himeki
luna vp chibi sprite art 001.png
luna vp concept art 001.jpg
luna vp cut-in art 001.png
luna vp cut-in art 002.png
luna vp portrait art 001.png
Natalia Glinka
natalia vp chibi sprite art 001.png
natalia vp concept art 001.jpg
natalia vp cut-in art 001.png
natalia vp cut-in art 002.png
natalia vp loading screen 01.png
natalia vp portrait art 001.png
Saki Mitonoya
saki vp chibi sprite art 001.png
saki vp concept art 001.jpg
saki vp cut-in art 001.png
saki vp cut-in art 002.png
saki vp cut-in art 003.png
saki vp loading screen 01.png
saki vp portrait art 001.png
shiera vp art 001.jpg
shiera vp chibi sprite art 001.png
shiera vp concept art 001.jpg
Yui Kutuna
yui chibi sprite.png
yui vp concept art 001.jpg
yui vp cut-in art 001.png
yui vp cut-in art 002.png
yui vp portrait art 001.png
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