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 Playstation 3 Version
(5 / 10) As a game: decent. As a package: trash
by The S on 9/3/2012 12:00:00 AM

Many have maligned Street Fighter X Tekken, especially in the Fighting Game Community. I find however, in the core of it, the most important part, it's quite decent. Maybe even a little more than that. Okay, so I'm far from the type who will play this for 36 hours a day and find all of these crazy glitches and infinites, but then again if I were the type I don't think I'd end up enjoying any game. What is here is a solid, playable game, and I find that the Tekken characters were pretty well-adapted to work in the Street Fighter mold. I'm a bit disappointed that it's just a modified Street Fighter 4 engine, but to be perfectly frank, things could have been a lot worse.

The cast surprised me a bit, as when the game was first announced, I didn't expect to see many outside of the SF4/Tekken 6 cast. The Tekken side didn't stray too far, with only Ogre (and technically Jack-X) as the only new character(s), but the Street Fighter side of things found room to cram in four characters that weren't in SSF4, and we like that. The guest characters were seen as a negative point in many players' eyes, and I've got to admit there's some weird choices, but you know, to complain about them is like looking a guest horse in the mouth. If you have a Sony system, you're getting five extra characters for nothing. Of course, I do feel bad for the owners of other consoles who are pretty much getting one put in the bum for guest characters these last few years.

Now to the points of contention: As a fan of story in fighting games (yes, we do exist), and as someone who likes completing the game as every character and seeing their endings, I was sorely disappointed to find that we can't save the endings to view again in a gallery. This is 2012 and that shit doesn't fly anymore.

The other thing I hated was the whole DLC debacle. Sure, it's a lot cheaper than it could have been (most fighting games charge $10 per character for DLC), but seriously, $20 for something that was on the disc when I bought it? Look, I understand the concept of how you only are "buying" the disc and the content is pretty much only leased to you and so forth... but they really had no reason to do it this way. They could have at least given you a code for the characters if you bought the special edition (even if it was only redeemable when the characters were "unlocked" later for everyone via money), but no, they couldn't even bother. With Harada giving away free DLC characters for Tekken Tag 2, it only highlights how ridiculous of a folly this is.

So overall, the game is fun and playable, especially in versus mode, but really, as a complete package, they shot themselves in the foot with that.

I would have given this a 7, but I'm knocking two whole points off for the on-disc DLC. Fuck that shit.

 Playstation 3 Version
I <3 SFXT...but that's just me.
by I <3 SFXT on 11/14/2012 12:00:00 AM

Writing a review for a game that you love can be quite difficult, especially when you don't want to sound completely biased towards the game. I'd probably give this game a 10 or a 9 at least because that's just how much I enjoy it, but not everyone enjoys the game as much as I do, if not, at all. Instead, I'll just go over the things that I like about this game.

The gameplay: SFIV's gameplay was great, but for me, SFXT's feels better. You can finally roll forward or backward after hitting the ground and now you have a tag partner to team up with. Even with the "game-breaking" gems, what I like about the game is that you feel like you're in control the entire time. When I lose, I never felt like, "That was cheap"; instead, I felt like, "Man, I should've done that instead." A game has a good gameplay system when losing online is a matter of skill and errors on the part of the player as opposed to high-tier characters.

The roster: If we were behind the roster for Street Fighter X Tekken, would any of us have included Bob, Steve Fox, Rufus, and Ogre? Most of us wouldn't, and the fact that Capcom chose them allowed the roster to remain all the more fresh. All our favorites like Ryu and Jin, Heihachi and M. Bison, and Kazuya and Akuma are here, but amongst the familiar icons, we have the "unexpected" and "not-as-popular characters". With that, each battle is almost against an entirely different team. Also, the teams were well-chosen, with the partners bantering and showing team chemistry.

The Guests: People will call them "pointless", "out of place", and "wastes of slots", but really, what's wrong with these guest characters? You start off with three that you don't even have to use, and the other two can be downloaded for free if you do want them. As for "why are non-PlayStation characters only for the PS3?", they're timed exclusives: in time, everyone will be able to use PAC-MAN and MEGAMAN.

The customization: While I love playing the game, I wonder if I've spend 1/4 of my time in this mode or even 1/2. At the start, there's only 4 colors: P1, P2, black, and white. With the free color packs, the amount of colors you have increases and the potential combinations become more and more endless. Whether you're just using colors that you think look cool, trying to recreate a color (or even a character), or just fooling around with it, there's so much that you can do with it that you just get lost in it.

The soundtrack: Technically, this is for the soundtrack and the stages, but the music is what really takes center-stage here. Sure, fighting at a Jurassic Park-look-a-like place with dinosaurs is pretty cool, as is fighting in an elevator heading straight to outer space, as well as fighting while on a moving vehicle driving for its life from a freakin' mammoth, but really, the music is what sells them. The tracks are well-chosen for each stage and catchy in their own way. Besides the stage themes, the boss themes are excellent as well, being remixes of M. Bison's, Jin's, Akuma's, and even Ogre's theme. And an honorable mention to the three guest themes, which are always a joy to listen to.

The story: A lot of people tend to look at the story negatively, which baffles me, since I tend to enjoy it. The main focus of the story is the mysterious Pandora, which every character is after. What I find interesting about Pandora is that it's much like Calypso from Twisted Metal: it'll grant any wish the individual desires and either they'll have everything end happily or their wish'll bite them hard. And though this may not count, the rival battles were well done. The reactions the characters from opposite franchises have towards each other is gold, whether Rufus mistakes Bob for Ken or M. Bison and Heihachi taunt each other. And to sum up this category, the endings, whether they be comedic or serious, proved to be entertaining.

Now as much as my bias wants to end the review here, I might as well talk about the things that I didn't quite like about it.

Characters I would've liked to have seen: I would've loved to have seen Lee Chaolan join the cast, as well as Gen so that Heihachi wasn't the only old man in the entire game. These two and more I would've loved to have seen, but because of the sheer variety of the roster, I can forgive this flaw.

A small amount of stages: The stages are great, don't get me wrong, but there could've been just a few more.

Pandora mode: A concept that sounded sweet on paper, but wasn't quite executed entirely well. When someone gets a Pandora victory, it's awesome and quite a spectacle to see, but they're very few and far in between because most people either Pandora and forfeit due to the small amount of time in which to use it or refuse to use it altogether because of that fact. I don't think Pandora mode should be removed, but rather revamped and improved so that it's a last resort that won't just kill you.

The-fiasco-which-must-not-be-named: And that's all I'll say about it because I've heard it a million times from a million people and because I'm sick of hearing about it.

So bottom-line, I LOVE this game, but that's just me. Chances are you may not like it as much or may not be as forgiving to some of its flaws. So really, it depends on the gamer. I can't rate it because I know a lot of people wouldn't give it a 10 or 9 like I would. Instead, I'll leave it up to you.

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