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(9 / 10) Stings, don't it?
by The S on 4/2/2011 12:00:00 AM

As a huge Deadpool fan, he was the character I anticipated most in MvC3. His unique combination of being an insane, cold-blooded killer and being an insanely hilarious character is hard to pin down, and sometimes this isn't portrayed very well even within his own comics. Fortunately, Capcom did right by Wade. He's as hilarious as he is deadly, and has earned a spot on my team of mains. His dialogue and personality is spot-on and perfectly delivered by veteran voice actor Nolan North (who had portrayed DP in previous works), and is written to as well as can be expected.

Wade's hilarious, fourth-wall breaking humor isn't the reason he's on my team, though. It's because I'm able to bowl over most foes' defenses with him. Most of Deadpool's moves perfectly complement each other. He's an excellent zoning character, but can also bring the goods up-close. And honestly, Wade's big mouth is also a powerful weapon in its own right, annoying your opponents into making a mistake.

I am perfectly satisfied with the way Deadpool was portrayed in the game, and I don't think he could have turned out much better.

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