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 (10 / 10) I Am Pretty Bad At This Game
by ExMortis on 11/14/2013 2:48:07 PM

Vampire Savior is a very difficult game. It's fast but in no way loose, requiring precise input and timing to accomplish anything worth doing. The game demands a steep learning curve, undivided attention, and hitting a lot of buttons in a short span of time. Presumably all these factors have contributed to its lack of popularity anywhere outside of Japan.

However as Johnny Maximum will tell us, "popularity and ability are not the same," and Vampire Savior truly is a perfect package. Its greatest strength is its quirkiness; every single character offers a wildly different style of play. Characters don't even dash the same. This certainly contributes to the learning curve, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Although Darkstalkers originated Capcom's chain combo, the combos in Savior are very brief, owing to the game's speed and strict system (unlike a Tekken or Skullgirls where getting hit may give you enough time to get off the stick and take a drink).

Character balance is not perfect--there's a definite top and bottom tier--but no one is absolutely hopeless. Sasquatch, Raptor, and Q-Bee are considered top while Anakaris, Victor, and the succubi are bottom. You're more likely to see a Victor win in Savior than say, a Guile or Vega win in SF4, it just requires a more complete mastery of your character's strengths.

Savior's aesthetics are quite remarkable. An insane amount of love has gone into every single frame of animation to give these characters more personality than has been seen before or since (an even more impressive feat considering some of the sprites date back to Darkstalkers in 1994). The backgrounds are highly atmospheric, my favorite is Tower of Arrogance which makes great use of parallax and perspective--you're fighting on the side of a skyscraper far above a bustling city. The music, while not stellar melodically like an SF2 or KOF96, is memorable and again very atmospheric.

Overall, my favorite Capcom fighter and one that I'm terribly sad doesn't get more play. I might get better at it, then (probably not).

Playstation 2 Version
(6 / 10) Dee's Ending!
by Scot635 on 5/14/2010 12:00:00 AM

Dee Meet New Non playable Fighter is Older Anita. She Kill Dee and Become Sad Ending!

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