Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 Credits


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Voice Actor
Cindy Robinson
American voice actress.
Derek Stephen Prince
American voice actor
Doug Erholtz
American voice actor. Took over all of Michael Lindsay's roles following the latter's retirement.
Kate Higgins
American voice actress.
Kirk Thornton
American voice actor.
Kyle Hebert
American voice actor.
Laura Bailey
American voice actress, wife of Travis Willingham.
Liam O'Brien
Maile Flanagan
Believe it!
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Voice actress and singer.
Michael Lindsay
American voice actor. Died August 30, 2019.
Roger Craig Smith
No copyright law in the universe is going to stop him!
Sam Riegel
American voice actor and 9/11 documentarian. Brother of Eden.
Skip Stellrecht
American voice actor.
Steven Jay Blum
Super prolific voice guy. Sometimes credited as just "Steve Blum".
Susan Dalian
Voice actress
Tara Platt
American voice actress. Married to Yuri Lowenthal.
Yuri Lowenthal
One them guys what says stuff and ya hear it in ya gamez. Husband of Tara Platt.

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