King of Fighters '94, The Credits


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Staff Roll
Takashi Nishiyama
"Piston" Takashi, co-creator of some of the most influential fighters on the planet.
Voice Actor
Akoya Sogi
The original Mai Shiranui
Eiji Tsuda
Eiji Yano
Japanese voice actor, known for working on SNK titles.
Harumi Ikoma
Long-time SNK voice actress.
Jun Hashimoto
Japanese voice actor, with mostly SNK roles.
Kaori Horie
Long-time voice actress for Yuri Sakazaki.
Katsuhisa Namase
Japanese actor known for his comedic relief roles in dramas.
Kay Inage
Japanese voice actor, does a lot of work with SNK, real name Kazuhiro Inage.
Masahiro Nonaka
SNK-affiliated voice actor, best known for Kyo Kusanagi and Basara.
Masaki Usui
Veteran SNK voice actor.
Monster Maezuka
Atsushi "Monster" Maezuka, prominent SNK voice actor. Also spelled Maetsuka.
Satoshi Hashimoto
Terry Bogard and Kim Kaphwan.
Toshimitsu Arai
Another SNK-affiliated voice actor.

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