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Lab 8
The Anti-Skullgirl Labs are a black-ops research institution created in a time when King Renoir prioritized scientific advancements ethics. Founded by Dr. Victor Geiger, they were funded by the Canopian government with hopes of understanding the nature of the Skullgirl so they could create weapons and warriors capable of directly confronting the menace. Unfortunately, many of the kingdom’s subjects were sacrificed in the labs’ experiments.

After losing his wife to the Skull Heart and the Grand War, King Renoir found himself with a stronger conscience. Despite the continuing need for the Labs in the fight against the Skullgirls, the King moved to decommission their experiments. Once he himself disappeared, however, it was restarted in secret and the lack of official oversight has allowed the Labs’ scientists to perform increasingly questionable experiments. One of their latest creations, Peacock, may prove to be the perfect weapon against the Skullgirl… but can any end justify such horrific means?

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