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Europe: Historic Distillery
The Distillery is located in Scotland and features a man stacking barrels on a rack, with the Shadaloo logo imprinted on the top of them -- hinting that this location is owned or under watch by Bison and his henchmen. There is some typical distillery-type equipment that can only be described as large yellow Hershey Kisses, a man asleep at a control panel, and a field with some sheep far in the background (which looks an awful lot like the Hidden Retreat from Tekken 6, conspiracy?). The best part is that, after a huge move like an Ultra Finish, you will knock all the barrels off the rack, forcing the man to re-stack them.

Notable fights:
Chun-Li vs. Crimson Viper
Vega vs. Chun-Li
Seth vs. Abel
Dudley vs. Balrog


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