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Dynasty Warriors
a.k.a. Sangokumusou (JPN)
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Hu Lao Gate (Tiger Trap Gate)
Dong Zhuo stationed his warriors here to protect the capital city of Loyang from warlords in the east. When the anti-Dong Zhuo League of 18 warlords attacked the narrow pass, Hua Xiong, challenged and slew many of the worthy opponents. Amidst feelings of desperation, an unknown mounted archer proclaimed, "I offer to present Hua Xiong's head to you personally!" "Who is this man?", demanded the head of the League. "If I fail, my head is yours" replied Guan Yu. Cao Cao heated a draft of wine for Guan Yubefore he mounted. "Pour it," said Guan Yu, "and set it aside for me. I'll be back shortly." Guan Yu returned and tossed Hua Xiong's freshly severed head to the ground. An astounded general uttered, "Before the wine had time to cool, Hua Xiong lay in the dust!" After Hua Xiong's death, Dong Zhuo placed his best warrior, Lu, and 150,000 men to defend the gate. Lu Bu single-handedly met the opposition of Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei, but after endless challenges, he fled. This was the first major victory for the three sworn brothers.

Lu Bu

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