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The Adrian and the Fortress
This battle fortress on the Atlantic coast of Spain served double duty as a trading post for treasure ships of the Spanish Armada.

When the dread pirate Cervantes returned from beyond the grave, he began to attack and plunder treasure ships from the Americas, as well as the Far East. Even ships from his motherland, Spain, were not safe. In fact, there are several historical accounts of clashes between Cervantes
and the Spanish Armada.

His ship, the Adrian, became a ghost ship that was surrounded by an otherworldly glow that resembled St. Elmo's fire. The eerie sight of the ship could be seen from dusk to dawn when Cervantes prowled the high seas for his
next victim.

Due to the sheer number and spread of the St. Elmo's fire, Cervantes' victims believed that they were surrounded by a large pirate fleet and either abandoned ship or fell into a state of sheer madness.

Cervantes de Leon

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