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Fenix (13 days ago) [Pinned]
It's being worked on. There'll be a real release / edit sub, a real character add / edit, and a real tag add / edit real soon. Issues abound with deletes though, so I'm not sure about cleanup, but we'll get there.
The S (15 days ago) [Pinned]
First: I hope things are well. Next, while I like the way game to char is set up, the update borked some things on the submission side, like the thing I mentioned below as well as not being able to edit/delete chars anymore. If and when ya get the time, please take a look at it.
The S (62 days ago) [Pinned]
The massive slowdown/locking up may have been a FireFox thing because it didn't happen in Chrome. The item in the screenshot did though, still.
The S (62 days ago) [Pinned]
Went to submit Vanessa as DLC on KofXIV. Trying to do the character dropdown crashed Firefox so hard it wouldn't restart without a reboot. Got back in and tried again and it stopped responding off and on for eleven minutes before it let me finally select her and put her in. Then immediately afterward this happened: Other games are giving me the dropdown lag (just to test)
Fenix (65 days ago) [Pinned]
I know now why I never finished tags, but we're getting there. Game char got a huge update. Char sims got an update. More next week. char tags maybe too.
The S (121 days ago) [Pinned]
Next request, although obvs not as pertinent: editing release submissions so I can fix a bunch o' these dates. Again, possibly lower priority than some other stuff you gots.
Magma Dragoon (3 hours ago)
The profiles I created recently for Trajes Fatais. Can't enter any of them.
1810072342 (1 days ago)
Ohhh, right. Thanks very much.
The S (1 days ago)
I won't be able to help, Magma, but I'm curious what specific characters you're referring to.
The S (1 days ago)
That's precisely what the reason bar is for.
Magma Dragoon (2 days ago)
I want to edit some character profiles, but I keep getting a 500 error.
1810072342 (2 days ago)
Loving the new submission system, but I'm not sure how to say where in the game dialogue submissions come from (win quote, match start etc.). There's the edit reason box, but I'm pretty sure it's not that. How do you submit things that way? (Also, sorry if this comes through as a double-post.)
1810072342 (2 days ago)
Loving the new submission system, but for dialogue how do I say what the line is for in the game (Mirror Match Victory)? The closest thing I can find is the edit reason bar, but that isn't the same thing.
The S (4 days ago)
I'm fond of the ideas but not of the execution.
zedk8 (9 days ago)
I got War Gods on N64. Is it any good?
The S (12 days ago)
M'kay! Thank you!
Magma Dragoon (13 days ago)
Why whenever I try entering the character pages I created I get a 500 error?
Fenix (15 days ago)
always, and never.
The S (16 days ago)
Boss, you around?
The S (27 days ago)
oh looks like it might have done something anyway? It's displaying the correct company right now in any case!
The S (27 days ago)
It wouldn't overwrite the one that already made it through. I don't have the ability to fix it at this time and the other admins have been MIA for over a month. We'll just have to wait.
Magma Dragoon (29 days ago)
I resubmitted it with the correct info. Can you guys remove the previous submission?
Magma Dragoon (29 days ago)
Ok, thanks.
The S (30 days ago)
You'll have t'wait until the company can be edited in.
Magma Dragoon (30 days ago)
Or can I resubmit it with the correct info?
Magma Dragoon (30 days ago)
The game was accepted, is it possible to change the developer?
zedk8 (34 days ago)
Btw, I'm not an admin or a moderator. I'm just a regular FAB contributor.
Magma Dragoon (35 days ago)
Then I guess you guys can refuse the submission? I'll resubmit the game once the developer is approved.
zedk8 (36 days ago)
That's not possible. Once submitted, it can't be edited afterwards.
Magma Dragoon (39 days ago)
Can I remove a submission before it is accepted? I was gonna make the game's profile but accidentally inserted the wrong details.
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