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SpongeBat1 (77 days ago) [Pinned]
How do I change the voice actor for a character with the new setup? Whenever I try I get a 500 error.
The S (133 days ago) [Pinned]
First: I hope things are well. Next, while I like the way game to char is set up, the update borked some things on the submission side, like the thing I mentioned below as well as not being able to edit/delete chars anymore. If and when ya get the time, please take a look at it.
The S (239 days ago) [Pinned]
Next request, although obvs not as pertinent: editing release submissions so I can fix a bunch o' these dates. Again, possibly lower priority than some other stuff you gots.
Fenix (1 days ago)
hang tight everybody. I'm working on it.
The S (8 days ago)
We also had Buddha already.
Magma Dragoon (9 days ago)
Uh, sorry.
The S (9 days ago)
Jeez Magma, you couldn't wait another day for the rest of FoG's cast?
The S (11 days ago)
@zed don't select it from the front page.
zedk8 (13 days ago)
Is dialogue submission fixed? I get 500 error when I click on it on the front page.
The S (23 days ago)
lmao somehow your reply to zed didn't show up for me until I commented.
The S (23 days ago)
Characters that are playable/support are just playable characters. Unless it's a separate incarnation, like what's her name from Water Pizza.
Fenix (23 days ago)
@Zed, if a character is playable, then just say playable and maybe make a note. Boss / Striker / CPU Only, etc. only really apply when those are the only ways the character is used.
Fenix (23 days ago)
Mythic guys are fixed, I think.
zedk8 (26 days ago)
@Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax
How do I submit a character that is both a playble character and a support/striker character?
The S (26 days ago)
Same. I just have been using Chrome
zedk8 (27 days ago)
Firefox doesn't like when I try to add character to a game. It just freeze and I have to restart the web browser.
The S (27 days ago)
Fenix (28 days ago)
As soon as I get the ftp re-sorted out, dialogue subs are back. Maybe tonight.
Grenouille (48 days ago)
Look like the characters of Mythic Blades are giving a "500 - Internal server error"
zedk8 (50 days ago)
@Melty Blood
Can you restore the images to their natives sizes? Some are too big. The portraits in the gallery are just an example. Same with the mugshots.
Fenix (51 days ago)
Fixed. Let me know if anything else is missing.
Fenix (51 days ago)
As in they're here but don't show? or never successfully approved?
The S (51 days ago)
Take a look at this guy for example
The S (51 days ago)
Tags/bios don't work right on apostrophe'd characters
Fenix (57 days ago)
Trivia bug fixed
The S (61 days ago)
Like she's not her own character/striker? Would explain why couldn't find her. But we can't remove anybody yet.
zedk8 (61 days ago)
I would like to have Last Order removed from Dengeki Bunko. She should not be in there. She teams up with Accelerator, at least what I know.
The S (62 days ago)
I am SO SORRY I tried to do all the selects for Dengeki Bunko tonight but these moes be samefacin' so hard it made me cross-eyed. The fact that the full roster isn't apparently on this site makes even process of elimination impossible.
The S (65 days ago)
Seems to be a few like that
zedk8 (65 days ago)
I'm getting 500 when try to click on her History link.
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