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The S (43 days ago) [Pinned]
Did the dialogue update kill new dialogue submissions?
Fenix (43 days ago) [Pinned]
Also, as a show of good faith, new characters with single quotes are now possible.
Fenix (43 days ago) [Pinned]
And for the coup de grace, character tags are back. I should maybe give it a little more testing, but that's how it wound up taking 3 months, so here we go. The sub form can be reached from the character main page, and the game casting page. Can't do deletes yet, and there's definitely going to be some weird catch up issues, but I figure it's been about 2 years since the crap worked, so there's plenty of characters that need tagging.
SpongeBat1 (43 days ago) [Pinned]
How do I change the voice actor for a character with the new setup? Whenever I try I get a 500 error.
The S (99 days ago) [Pinned]
First: I hope things are well. Next, while I like the way game to char is set up, the update borked some things on the submission side, like the thing I mentioned below as well as not being able to edit/delete chars anymore. If and when ya get the time, please take a look at it.
The S (205 days ago) [Pinned]
Next request, although obvs not as pertinent: editing release submissions so I can fix a bunch o' these dates. Again, possibly lower priority than some other stuff you gots.
Grenouille (14 days ago)
Look like the characters of Mythic Blades are giving a "500 - Internal server error"
zedk8 (16 days ago)
@Melty Blood
Can you restore the images to their natives sizes? Some are too big. The portraits in the gallery are just an example. Same with the mugshots.
Fenix (16 days ago)
Fixed. Let me know if anything else is missing.
Fenix (17 days ago)
As in they're here but don't show? or never successfully approved?
The S (17 days ago)
Take a look at this guy for example
The S (17 days ago)
Tags/bios don't work right on apostrophe'd characters
Fenix (23 days ago)
Trivia bug fixed
The S (27 days ago)
Like she's not her own character/striker? Would explain why couldn't find her. But we can't remove anybody yet.
zedk8 (27 days ago)
I would like to have Last Order removed from Dengeki Bunko. She should not be in there. She teams up with Accelerator, at least what I know.
The S (28 days ago)
I am SO SORRY I tried to do all the selects for Dengeki Bunko tonight but these moes be samefacin' so hard it made me cross-eyed. The fact that the full roster isn't apparently on this site makes even process of elimination impossible.
The S (31 days ago)
Seems to be a few like that
zedk8 (31 days ago)
I'm getting 500 when try to click on her History link.
zedk8 (37 days ago)
Ignore longtail submission. I thought it was the search bar.
The S (39 days ago)
That's all I needed
Fenix (39 days ago)
My position is considerably anti-arms.
The S (39 days ago)
Requesting a second opinion from an admin before making a decision RE: Arms. I thought about it at one point but it looked too boxing-y to me.
The S (40 days ago)
Huh. Don't think I realized that about the original Smash. Then again for one, I don't think I ever played Team Battles. Anyway, there are a few characters that have a set of extra costumes with their own palettes so I don't think Mac should get his own. We should just have like "Alt 1" "Alt 2" and use them across the board. Like Mac's Wireframe and Wario's classic costume. Savvy?
SpongeBat1 (41 days ago)
The wireframe costumes are for Little Mac, who has a whole separate palette of wireframe alts:
SpongeBat1 (41 days ago)
The Green Team costumes refer to DK, Kirby, and Captain Falcon's green costumes for the original SSB that can only be used during team battles. The "CPU only" are Yoshi's dark blue and pink colors that are only used in the Yoshi Team fight of 1P Mode.
The S (41 days ago)
thank you
Fenix (42 days ago)
story's fixed.
The S (42 days ago)
Oof. I can't look at half of the characters' "Storylines" now either. I just get a 500 error like:
The S (43 days ago)
I work nights now so there is a sleep... it's just at an odd time.
Fenix (43 days ago)
@zed, tell me about it. I just discovered that last night. Problem is we have a metric TON of characters in the db. Now that guest characters are pretty rampant I can't really think of a logic to trim it down. I suppose I could do a double select where a smaller list like companies or letters or something populates a secondary one. Also, I see how crappy the casting detail sub looks now, so I gotta fix that too.
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