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For New Visitors - Submission Tips

New Visitors
What is this place?
This is the Fight-A-Base (FAB), an online repository of everything (literally everything) there is to know about fighting games... or at least that's the goal. The move to fightabase.com is a relatively recent one. If you're getting here by redirect from the defunct fenixware.net, update your bookmarks or notify your referer.

Who are you?
I am TruFenix, de facto admiral of this here vessel, but FAB is way more than me. My partner in crime, ExMortis, is the instigator of just about every major section featured on this site, and there's a whole gang of regular contributors who fill out the pages and pages and pages of content FAB provides.

Why bother?
Primarily because I love fighting games. I love every part of them. The art, the strategy, the lore, the meta, etc. And i just don't feel like the fighting game genre has the kind of rampant internet presence it deserves.

Why not a wiki?
I don't like wikis.

Why don't you source anything?
It's not a wiki. We can't guarantee the integrity of 100% of the database, but whenever possible content is sourced directly from the given game or official material.

How come when I click 'x' nothing happens?
If there's no underline, its not a link yet. It's either a placeholder for formatting purposes or a reminder to me that something needs to be done. Unless there is an underline, in which case, that's a bug.

Is ____ a weak character?!?!
Our custom 404 page is a spoof on a certain prominent fighting game site's anti-adblock page. If you encounter this during normal site usage, hit your Back button and try again (we're aware of intermittent bugs like that and trying to fix them). If you keep on getting the message from the same link, that's a bug. If you get a much more intimidating and technical error page that means we're trying to debug something at the moment.

How can I report a bug?
Odds are if you noticed it, I've already noticed it, but that's no reason not to sound off on the shoutbox. If you don't have access to that yet (new user or thats the bug), my e-mail (it's @gmail, you can probably figure out the rest) is frequently checked but rarely responded to.

Any other way to reach you? (twitter, facebook)
E-mail and the methods built into the site are the best way to get my attention. That said, ExMortis manages the official FAB twitter (@fightabase) and Steam group, and The S manages an official Facebook group.

Is there anything I can do about the way FAB looks?
FAB has a number of visual themes, and you'll get a different one every visit (depending on your cookies). If you create an account (or just sign in) you can stick to the same one every time.

How do I create an account?
Click the login link in the upper right hand corner and check the [New User] box to start the process. Afterwards, you can use the link up there to set preferences and review what you've been up to on FAB.

Why should I?
User accounts are how FAB knows you're a human being. You don't need it to browse the site and view all our content, but it does let you submit new content, set preferences, and interact with the community.

So there's no fine print?
I am neither a lawyer, salesman, or data collecting robot so there is no disclaimer. I have no interest in your email address, shopping habits, even your real name. I just wanna share fighting games with the world.

Why can't I submit every type of thing I see on FAB?
Since moving to its own domain, the site is in the middle of a huge overhaul. Ideally, there's nothing on FAB that can't be submitted by the average joe. Currently missing submission forms are character profiles, scenes, storylines, moves, gameplay, and new tag submissions. That seems like a lot, but rest assured they're on the way (and maybe some already exist if no one bothered updating the FAQ).

General Hints
- All submissions have to go through admin approval. You can generally expect approval to happen within a day.
- It may take up to 24 hours for the site to build new pages. If you had recently approved submissions that don't seem to be appearing, you can always get directly to them through Recent Updates.
- Once you have 10 approved submissions you can participate in the Shoutbox on the main Community page. Validate your submissions or shoot the shit about whatever you feel like.
- Any user can review characters or games without admin approval, via the Community link on relevant pages. If you love something, hate something, want to summarize plot facts that aren't covered in other ways, or just tell the internet how much you want to touch and lick King's hair, go hog wild. You can always delete your own reviews. That being said...
- If you're an insufferable goofball, your account and IP will be banned, disabling your ability to submit. If you're making an honest attempt but having some trouble don't worry, we reserve this for particularly heinous cases of user harassment or non-stop bad subs.

- Different from the old site, characters are now tagged by game. That way, if Terry Bogard gets a mohawk in KOF2020, the tag doesn't have to apply to every game before.
- Currently the only reference for existing tags can be found on the character master list.
- If a character has appeared in both English and non-English games with different names, use the North American or other English-speaking name first, and put other variations in alias.

- Like characters, use North American game titles as the main Name where available.
Subsection 1: Where's _______?
- If a game you like is missing and you genuinely want to add some related content to FAB, submit it. Worst case scenario is the submission is rejected.
- We consider Street Fighter 2 to be the gold standard for the question "is _____ a fighting game?" As things get further and further into Smash Bros./Virtual On territory, they will be taken on a case-by-case basis.
- Enterbrain Fighter Maker games have been disallowed in the past but, again, if you genuinely care about one, go for it. We do not consider it our goal to have token entries for these countless, mostly incomplete doujin things. Similarly, MUGEN games will only be allowed if they have completely original content.
- Unreleased games will only be considered if they have been leaked in some way or are exceptionally notable (yeah, we kinda messed up with Deadly Sport).
- Wrestling/boxing/etc fighting sport games are generally not considered. If a "sport" game has fictional characters and swings more towards more basic fighting gameplay, case-by-case basis.
- Pirate ports are not considered as there are too many weird offshoots to meaningfully document within the site's framework.

- Don't make stuff up. As creative as you may be, we don't want to know your fantasy win quotes for when Yun from Street Fighter fought Sonia from Rage of the Dragons.
- Don't correct the game's spelling or punctuation errors. However, for dialogue in all caps, change it to normal capitalization unless it's important for comedic effect (eg: "YOU ARE A SUCKING BABY").
- When possible, confirm everything first hand. Don't transcribe from FAQs or other sources as that kind of thing inevitably has some errors.
- Although some conversations have been recorded as dialogue in the past, the correct place for exchanges between two or more characters is now Scenes (scene submission yet to return).

- Submitted images can be as large as you like, the site will resize them for general pageview purposes and they can always be viewed full size by clicking on them.
- Regarding format, PNG is preferred for pixel art and transparencies. For exceptionally large images, JPG is preferred. Image quality 7 is fine if you're using Photoshop or something. Tasteful animated GIFs are acceptable for move images.
- For large pieces of character art, try to crop off excessive white space.
- For pixel art, dialogue, costume, and move images should always be at native size. Character profile images can be scaled to double size (or triple if they're exceptionally small). Always maintain original aspect ratio on pixel art!
- General purpose "select" images (small mugshots used to represent characters in game casting or elsewhere) are 75x75 pixels. Game-specific select images, such as those captured from a player select screen, can be scaled up to near or slightly over that size.
- Avoid using characters other than letters, numbers, and underscores in image filenames.
- Keep Gallery filenames descriptive but brief. Any information like source, artist, or whatever can be put in the detail field and will show up in the gallery.
- Generally we are not interested in re-hosting official website stuff like wallpapers or Steam profile backgrounds. If the site is defunct or the image is otherwise "rare" or unique it'll be considered.

- Anything "interesting" about characters or games can be submitted as trivia, as long as it doesn't fit under any other category.
- After a new trivia's text portion is approved you can add an appropriate image.

- Submitting new Companies is likely the only thing the average user will ever do here. Most of Terminology is kind of site back end stuff, or things like Gameplay and Move Notation that haven't been fully re-implemented yet.
- For licensed manga/anime characters it is preferable to credit their "Company" to the blanket publication or publishing group (eg: Shonen Jump) rather than individual artist. Some extremely prolific artists like Akira Toriyama and Masashi Kishimoto have their own credit, though.

- This doesn't work yet.

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