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Jeff Nimoy (Professional)
American voice actor and casting director. Cousin of late actor Leonard Nimoy.
Erina Seto (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Elsie Lovelock (Professional)
British voice actress and singer.
Derek Stephen Prince (Professional)
American voice actor
47-Tek (Company)
Defunct Californian developers known for their less-than-stellar attempts at sci-fi DOS fighters.
Tasia Valenza (Professional)
American voice actress.
Anastasia Muñoz (Professional)
Voice actress.
Darian Gonzalez (Professional)
Creator and voice actor of Bingo the Multiva.
Hitomi (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Ryōka Yuzuki (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Kumi Sakuma (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Kaede Hondo (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Shino Shimoji (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Ikumi Hasegawa (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Ryōsuke Kanemoto (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Tatsuya Naka (Professional)
Shōtōkan instructor at the Japan Karate Association.
Opera House (Company)
App game developers
Statera Studio (Company)
Indie dev
Keisuke Hamaoka (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Masao Nakasone (Professional)
Japanese voice actor, died in 1993.
Phil Airdash (Company)
Beatdown Dungeon!
Tamako Miyazaki (Professional)
Japanese voice actress
Breanne Lamont (Professional)
Voice actress.
Hiroshi Okamoto (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Ken Wei (Professional)
Digital Crafter founder and producer.
Steve Aoki (Professional)
American DJ, son of wrestler and Benihana founder Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki and half-brother of actress Devon Aoki (Kasumi in the Dead or Alive movie). Not Justin Whang.
Sayaka Ōhara (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
STeam (Company)
Atari ST developers.
Bat Team (Company)
Thai developer.
Logitron (Company)
Logitron (Company)
Long Weight Enterprises (Company)
Chinese (Taiwanese? Hong Konger?) developer.
Pix Arts (Company)
Asset flippers.
Kōzō Mito (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Jun Hashimoto (Professional)
Japanese voice actor, with mostly SNK roles.
Daniel Trevisan (Professional)
Former TecToy employee of many hats.
Kenji Hamada (Professional)
Japanese voice actor
William Hughes (Professional)
Bloke behind Battle Blade.
Kenji Takada (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Tetsuya Tanaka (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Kiyotomi Narikinya (Professional)
Japanese voice actor.
Eri Nakamura (Professional)
Character designer and voice actress, also credited as Eripyon and Eri Kimoto.
Haruna Ikezawa (Professional)
Japanese voice actress, longest-running Athena Asamiya portrayer.
Sylph (Company)
Indie dev.
Ryō Hirohashi (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Imari Williams (Professional)
Voice actor.
Maxwell Powers (Professional)
American-born voice actor living in Japan.
Jìngluò Liú (Professional)
Chinese voice actress. Credited as Seira Ryū in Japanese works.
Romi Park (Professional)
Korean-Japanese voice actress.
Rachel Walzer (Professional)
Actress with US/Israeli/Japanese citizenship.
Rumiko Varnes (Professional)
American-born actress in Japan.
Ananda Jacobs (Professional)
American-born voice actress and singer.
CGCG (Company)
A company
Cerebral Gaming Systems (Company)
A company
In-Fusio (Company)
A company
Min Chong (Professional)
William Obea (Professional)
Neil Baldwin (Professional)
Musician who apparently also does some programming.
Elaine McCullough (Professional)
Voice actress.
Fumio Nishida (Professional)
Tokusatsu suit actor.
Susumu Konno (Professional)
Japanese character designer.
Aika Yamaguchi (Professional)
Japanese artist.
Brian Beuken (Professional)
English programmer.
David Ollman (Professional)
Masaaki Akine (Professional)
Chaos Brain.
Akihiko Kimura (Professional)
Takara game director.
Sabec Limited (Company)
Company that produces budget titles with generic names.
Kenji Itsuno (Professional)
Japanese game producer.
John Kuwaye (Professional)
Lead programmer on the Eternal Champions series.
Tōru Ōhira (Professional)
Japanese voice actor, known for dubbing Darth Vader and Homer Simpson. Died April 12, 2016.
Toru Katsuki (Professional)
Japanese game director.
No Young Ho (Professional)
Korean programmer.
Kellen Goff (Professional)
Voice actor.
Setsuko Tominaga (Professional)
Voice actress.
Yuki Hishijima (Professional)
Voice actress.
Tedah Chan (Professional)
Professional model.
Creative Edge Studios (Company)
Kings of lousy digitized fighting games on home computers and mobile.
Wataru Koga (Professional)
Motion capture artist.
Phuong Tran (Professional)
Tomoko Hiroki (Professional)
Japanese producer, mostly of DragonBall titles.
Elaine Hodgson (Professional)
Co-founder of Incredible Technologies.
Satoshi Yoshioka (Professional)
Japanese video game employee, did a lot of different roles for different games.
Isao Nakasugi (Professional)
Japanese game director/programmer/musician.
Jōji Yuno (Professional)
Japanese director/producer.
Archer Maclean (Professional)
British programmer best known for his pool and puzzle games (some of which bear his name in the title), but nevertheless made strong contributions to early fighting games.
Masato Noguchi (Professional)
Japanese game producer and director.
Yasuyuki Kido (Professional)
Japanese programmer.
MyArcade Go Gamer (Platform)
Handheld device from DreamGear.
DreamGear (Company)
Producers of many of those random handhelds and accessories found in actual retail stores. A lot of the games on their output are actually bootleg/hacked/ripoffs but they do also license content from bigger companies like Bandai Namco, Konami, and G-Mode/Data East.
Toshio Arai (Professional)
Japanese programmer.
Hiroka Nishizawa (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Jung Bong-Soo (Professional)
Korean game director.
Yūko Gotō (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
Miho Furukawa (Professional)
Character designer.
Takahiro Kimura (Professional)
Character designer.
Yōko Hikasa (Professional)
Japanese voice actress.
McLeod Gaming (Company)
Creators of the Super Smash Flash games and their own indie crossover platform fighter, Fraymakers.
Sunrise (Company)
Anime studio most famous for stuff like Gundam and Cowboy Bebop; now a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco.
Spiritonin Media Games (Company)
Former studio lead by game developer Scott Stoddard, specialized in now-deprecated Flash games. Best known for making the first entry of the memetic Robot Unicorn Attack series.
Hiro Yūki (Professional)
Japanese voice actor, born Teruhisa Tsuyusaki.

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