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Chronicles of the Sword
The mystic water shined in the moonlight as the trees and wind played a soothing melody.
As he savored the fine wine harvested from the fertile land, he was drunk...

The wine took his mind off his empty stomach.

Demuth was the third heir to the Halteese throne.
The man approached him while he was still living in the Halteese castle.

The man eloquently explained the situation in which Demuth is placed and the future that lies ahead of him, and what he needs to do in order to change all that.

Demuth was third in line to the throne, which meant that without an "unfortunate event," his chances of becoming the king were next to nil.
There was no way for a local lord of a small province to ascend to the throne over his two older brothers.

As Demuth was contemplating the assassination of his brothers, the man simplistically told him,

"If you want to be the king, become one."

It was indeed simple.
Demuth claimed independence from the Kingdom and began rule of the province for himself.

Everything happened exactly the way the man had explained.
The castle, town, people, and services were all developed at astonishing speeds. The Halteese army, said to be the mightiest on the continent, fell one after another.
It did not take long before the Halteese recognized the Maletta as an independent kingdom.

As Demuth finished his wine, he remembered that he was hungry.
He was craiving for a huge piece of meat.

Tomorrow, the kingdom will probably expand.
Demuth was sure that a big chunk of Halteese would satisfy his hunger.

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