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Storyline of Darkstalkers
The area is saturated with clear moonlight. Shrouded in a pale blue haze, everything in the area seems tense with suspense, as if resonating with a soundless yet glorious hymn. Looming silently within the misty forest is the castle of Lord Demitri Maximoff.

Every full moon marks the night of a royal ball within the halls of the castle, where magnificently dressed ladies and gentlemen gather... but not a single one of them is a living human being. All of the attendees have been granted eternal life by Demitri, and can never again return to the sun's warm embrace.

"My Lord Demitri... what shall we do tonight?" The servants call upon their master; who had shut himself away in his coffin for the past 100 years. This night, however, their eyes are met with an empty coffin.

"We have a beautiful moon tonight. A truly ill omen; can you not feel it? How truly delightful! It would seem that there is still at least one soul bold enough to face me in battle." The corners of Demitri's mouth curl up in a chilling smile.

At one time, this particular smile was known as the mark of absolute confidence, belonging to the one who had the whole of Makai cowering in fear - the "Nobleman of Darkness."

"Tonight, we shall feast on exquisite blood... Prepare the hall for a banquet."

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