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Rage of the Dragons
Storyline of Rage of the Dragons
Alice was a normal girl from an aristocratic family in London, she had gymnastic classes and was one of the best in her class, she likes to use a pair of old boots that belonged to his father because they are a cool fashion in London even with the disapproval of her mother.

When she was 10 years old a terrible crime was committed in her family's summer house at England's county, both of her parents were found brutally murdered and she was covered with blood and in catatonic state, no guilty was found and some had suspects towards Alice because after this she became a very aggressive child, she was interned in a psychiatric hospital under aggressive treatments.

There she also received treatment from Elias, he was trying to cure her by other meanings because he knew that she had something abnormal that science could not cure, when she was translated to America her state got worst and finally she made a violent runaway, only Elias was capable to follow her and took her under his control and manage to control the evil that lived within her, now she dreams that her hellish nightmare will end and finally find the true behind the death of her parents.

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