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Pre History
Wade Wilson became a mercenary at an early age, traveling the world and completing all sorts of contracts, including assassination. At one point, he became a sumo wrestler known as Chiyonosake, becoming romantically involved with the stablemaster's daughter, but fled when he was contracted to assassinate the stablemaster himself.

After spending some time in America, Wade learned that he had contracted terminal cancer. He joined a Canadian government collective known as Weapon X, and his cancer was cured by implanting the healing factor of Weapon X operative Logan into him. Wilson was placed into a covert field op team until he ended up killing one of his teammates.

Wilson was released into The Hospice, a facility for failed superhuman experiments. Unknown to the Canadian government, however, The Hospice was experimenting on their residents even further. Due to these experiments, Wilson was heavily scarred, and came close to death, forming a romantic bond with the personification of such.

Longing for his demise so he could be with Death, Wilson taunted the enforcer of The Hospice, known as The Attendant. In retaliation, The Attendant lobotomized Worm, the closest thing Wilson had to a friend within The Hospice. Death persuaded Wilson to put Worm out of his misery. However, any Hospice patient who killed another was punished by execution, no matter the reason. The Attendant ripped Wilson's heart from his chest.

Wilson's thirst for vengeance, however, was so great that it jump-started his healing factor, regrowing his heart and bringing him back to life (although his heavy scars remained). Vengeance was brought against The Attendant, as Wilson, now calling himself Deadpool, shot him twice in the chest.

Deadpool continued his mercenary life, eventually obtaining a teleportation device, and partnering with the time-traveling mutant Cable.

Deadpool would then go on to take prominent parts in various events in the Marvel universe, including the Skrulls' Secret Invasion, the Dark Reign, and assisting Cable in saving the baby Hope during the Second Coming.

Deadpool has also formed a Deadpool Corps with alternate reality versions of himself, and become a gamma-radiated monster known as Hulkpool.

Deadpool is well-known for his snarky one-liners, comments, and jokes, earning him the nickname "Merc with a Mouth". He also is aware that he is a character in a fictional medium (comic book, video game, etc.), often making comments on the nature of such, and sometimes interacting with elements of the medium. He is also certifiably insane.

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