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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Endings
Storyline of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Alex: Ugh! I couldn't counter even one of his blows! (His reputation does not do him justice! He is much stronger!) "I'm sorry that I can't go camping. Please give my apologies to Pat." "...I know it sounds crazy, but I just can't control myself." "To see him again and to fight! That's the only thing on my mind!" "I'll be on the road for a while... Tom, I'll catch up with you later!"
Tom: (Now, his time has come...) (I guess he thinks that I'm no longer a match for him...) (Alex, when you return, I'll see for myself how strong you've become!)
Pat: Dad! Hey, where's Alex, anyway? We need him to set up our tent by the lake, you know. Hey daddy, are you listening?!
Ryu: What's the matter?! Is that all you've got?
Alex: Ha ha... No way! The show has just begun! Get ready!

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