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Darius, the Gladiator
Storyline of Iron & Blood
Born a slave in the city-state of Atticus, Darius was sold as an infant to one of the gladiator schools that flourished in the region. From the time he could walk his masters trained him in the fighting arts. There was no weapon or tactic that Darius did not quickly master. As the young boy’s skills grew, the challenges his masters threw his way became ever greater. While still a youth he was battling full grown hill giants and battle-hardened combat veterans hoping to make their riches in the arena. Darius conquered them all, and by the time he reached adulthood he was the reigning gladiator champion of Atticus.

If all of Atticus had had his strength of spirit and iron will, the city-state would never have fallen, but the free people of the land had grown soft and corrupt. When barbarian hordes poured forth out of the wastelands, they found only token resistance, and the city-state was soon overrun. With Atticus thrown into chaos and his masters dead or dying, Darius fought his way through the barbarian hordes and won his freedom.

Ever since he’s sought to uphold his reputation and honor as a gladiator by seeking the toughest challenges he can find. An adherent of the gladiator’s strict code of honor, Darius has fulfilled his masters’ teachings by becoming the consummate warrior.

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