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King of Fighters '97
Storyline of King of Fighters '97, The
Daimon's judo gym. Daimon stand with his arms crossed and looks down at the man kow-towing at his feet.
DAIMON: "Master...would you please stand up?"
MAN: "No, I'm staying here until you agree to my request. If you don't, it will mean the end to the sport of judo in Japan. I beg you. Come back. Save Japanese judo!"
DAIMON: "Master...!"
Daimon frantically tries to bring his master to his feet but the man does not budge. Daimon begins to brood, a desperate crosses his face.
DAIMON: "...All right then."
The man springs to his feet and gazes into Daimon's eyes.
MAN: "Are you serious?"
DAIMON: "It is true that I entered this world of fighting competitions because I realized the limitations to judo's power, but I never once renounced it. Judo made me what I am today. And if judo is in danger, then I can't just stand by and watch. Though I'm not up to the task, Master, please let me help you."
MAN: "Thank you. Thank you so much, Daimon!"
DAIMON: "But I have a favor to ask of you."
MAN: "Huh? What is it?
DAIMON: "Y-you've probably already heard but the King of Fighters begins tomorrow. It's important for me to finish what I began, so I ask you to wait until the King of Fighters is over for me to help you."
MAN: "I knew you'd say that. I understand. Knock 'em dead, Daimon."
DAIMON: "Thank you. You know I will."

The port. Benimaru is lost in thought, looking off into the horizon at nothing in particular. He lights a cigarette. He stares at the glimmering fire of his lighter, lighting and extinguishing it over and over. The flickering of the flame triggers a flashback.
BENIMARU: "Since that fateful day, I've never taken that guy on...."
Memories of Kyo cross dance in his mind's eye. He recalls the last time he and Kyo fought, and Kyo served him up a stinging coup de grace.
BENIMARU: "I almost forgot I lost to that guy..."
Benimaru blows a puff of smoke up at the sky.
BENIMARU: "I can't keep going on being this chummy all the time...Maybe the opportunity to avenge myself has come. Kyo Kusanagi...."

Panting and gasps reverberate through the area. Kyo assumes a fighting position. He fights an unknown opponent.
KYO: "Nuts...!!!"
His opponent moves slightly. Kyo finds an opening.
KYO: "Victory is mine!!"
Flames shoot from his hands.
KYO: "Eat this!!!"
The flames rush forward. The flames engulf his opponent. The flames then suddenly contract and a shadow grows in their place. The shapeless, formless void continues to grow. It threatens to swallow up not just the flames but Kyo as well.
KYO: "Gah! ...Ah!!! ...!!!"
Kyo's body, voice, and breath are all swallowed by the void. All Kyo can see is darkness. In this state, a ringing in his ears gradually increases in volume. He covers his ears but to no avail. He gradually becomes aware of what the noise is.
KYO: "The's...singing?!"
The moment the ringing in his ear reaches its peak, the void suddenly collapses. A stadium becomes visible before him. In the distance he sees the message: "KOF."
KYO: "...!"
Kyo opens his eyes. His body is drenched in sweat.
KYO: "A dream...When did I fall asleep?"
Suddenly his gaze shifts to his desk. An invitation with "KOF" emblazoned on the envelope rests there.
KYO: "The King of Fighters? ...What's going on...?"

In the judo gym. Daimon folds up his judo gear.
At the port. Benimaru crushes out his cigarette.
Kyo stares at the invitation.
KYO, BENIMARU, DAIMON: "So it all begins...tomorrow."

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