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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
A great clash of psychic force takes place in the middle of an overgrown thicket.
One of the men sports a sun pattern on the back of his uniform, and the other has melted into the shadows. It is hard to make out just who or what he is.
The man dressed in the uniform, Kyo Kusanagi that is, is already panting heavily.
KYO: "F-fudge! Then how about trying this one on for size?!!"
Kyo focuses all his energy and unleashes his Serpent Wave move. But his opponent catches and crushes its flames with one hand.
KYO: "What the?!"
SHADOWY FIGURE: "So that is all your capable of, Kyo Kusanagi...?"
Just when he thinks the shadowy figure uttered this, he is sprung into the air.
KYO: "Ooh-whaaa!"
Kyo is slammed to the ground and rendered motionless.
KYO: "Guh, wh-who...are you...?"
SHADOWY FIGURE: "Hmph, someone who grossly overestimated your abilities, I guess..."
And with that, the shadowy figure slips back into the shadows.
Kyo swallows his failure hard as his consciousness slowly fades.

Kyo awakens suddenly. He looks up at the snow-white ceiling above.
KYO: "...Where am I?"
He looks up at two blurry faces. They are Benimaru and Daimon.
BENIMARU: "Hey! Kyo, can you hear us? Kyo!"
DAIMON: "Are you OK? Kyo!"
KYO: "Benimaru...Daimon...."
BENIMARU: "What happened to you? How did you get all banged up like this?!"
KYO: "..."
Kyo tries to lift his arms. He sees that they are wrapped in white bandages. Pain suddenly rushes up and down his limbs.
KYO: "Ooh...mama! That hurts."
BENIMARU: "Hmm... I guess he did more than trip on the street. No! Do you think he met up with Yagami?!"
KYO: "No...."
DAIMON: "Then who the devil was it?!"
KYO: "...I don't know. Nuts!"
Kyo swivels on top of the bed to punch the wall with all his might.
BENIMARU: "But who would have imagined you getting this smashed up."
KYO: "...I was sure I could win. I placed my confidence in these fists of Kusanagi. But I never thought.... The Serpent Wave would prove useless..."
BENIMARU: "Wh-what? Hey, are you kidding?"
KYO: "I'm serious! That's why...guh...."
BENIMARU: "Kyo...."
Kyo suddenly rises from his bed, as if suddenly remembering something.
KYO: "Owwww-oooch...."
BENIMARU: "Hey, what are you doing? You're in no condition to walk!!"
KYO: "I can't just lollygag around here forever. Got it? And don't try to follow me!!!"
Kyo rises from his bed and staggers out the door.
Benimaru and Daimon exchange glances.
DAIMON: "So what do we do now?"
BENIMARU: "Well, if someone tells me not to follow him, I got to follow the guy."
DAIMON: "..."
Having tailed Kyo, Benimaru and Daimon arrive at the overgrown thicket.
Here they find Kyo loitering around.
DAIMON: "Are you sure about this...? If Kyo finds us here...."
BENIMARU: "Bah, dummy up! We came here because we were worried, didn't we? If this is bothering you, you shouldn't have come with me in the first place!"
DAIMON: "U-uh...yeah..."
BENIMARU: "What the crud is that guy doing here anyway?"
Kyo inhales slowly and focuses his energy in his fists. Shortly thereafter a tremendous force begins to reverberate through the thicket.
DAIMON: "Whoa...!"
KYO: "Hah!"
At the release of his scream Kyo becomes absorbed in light and Benimaru and Daimon are smacked to the ground by the shockwave.
When the glow subsides, the thicket is charred black and Kyo stands at its center.
KYO: "Huh, huh...looks like I did it.... Did you see me, Father?!"
Kyo mutters this as he drops to his knees.
Benimaru and Daimon stare in blank amazement, overwhelmed by the power.
BENIMARU: "Aw-awesome..."
DAIMON: "Yeah...that was one amazing move...."
Kyo looks back at the two.
KYO: "Didn't I tell you not to follow me...? Whatever. So, what did you think? That was one of the heavenly moves of the Kusanagi.... I've always wanted to try it at least once but never was able to pull it off. I thought I was strong enough without it, so I never again attempted it, but I felt I could do it.... I gave it a shot, and sure enough..."
BENIMARU: "That was amazing! That should cream the guy who messed you up...."
KYO: "Will it? The only way to find out for sure is to try it."
Saying this, Kyo falls temporarily falls silent, but shortly thereafter he opens his mouth as if remembering something.
KYO: "King of Fighters...."
KYO: "The King of Fighters!"
BENIMARU: "Ah, yeah, if you're talking about the King of Fighters I sent in the application the other day, but what about it? ...Ah, you mean?! The guy who knocked you senseless has something to do with this year's King of Fighters?"
KYO: "No, not that. And I wasn't ever senseless! It's just that I can't stand the fact that that guy is watching me somewhere and snickering at me! I want to show what I, Kyo Kusanagi, am capable of during the King of Fighters.
BENIMARU: "Hey, we planned to enter anyway! We're already on that rail, bud!"
DAIMON: "Yup."
BENIMARU: "OK! Well then."
KYO: "Let's get cracking. King of Fighters, here we come!!!"

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