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King of Fighters '95
Storyline of King of Fighters '95, The
Benimaru and Daimon, hearing information that Kyo has returned from his training abroad, arrive at the port to greet him.
BENIMARU: "Unbelievable! He's finally coming back!"
DAIMON: "So, just how strong has he got...?"
When the ship on which Kyo is believed to be arrives, a masked figure pounces on the two.
The attack is shrewd and Benimaru and Daimon, in spite of their strength, do their utmost just to avoid the attack.
BENIMARU: "Wh-who is this clown?"
DAIMON: "Hmph. Quite a strangely nimble opponent!"
Then at that moment, a flame out of nowhere glances the mask of the figure who has attacked the two.
ASSAILANT: "Gah...!"
The three look in the direction that the flame came from to see the figure of Kyo blowing out the flames on his fingertips.
KYO: "What are you doing, you two?"
The figure's mask, grazed by Kyo's flame, breaks in two and falls to the ground. The identity of the figure is revealed to be none other than the secretary who led them to Rugal's lair one year ago.
BENIMARU: "Y-you?!"
SECRETARY: "Hoo, hoo,'s just like you three to put me in a pretty pickle. As my duties involve delivering this to you, I'll conclude my duties presently."
Rugal's secretary produces the invitation from her breast pocket.
SECRETARY: "An invitation to King of Fighters '95. We insist you honor us with your presence at this year's tournament...Well, then, I look forward to our next meeting."
Rugal's secretary makes a swift exit.
BENIMARU: "Hey! Get back here!"
KYO: "...For crying out loud what a pain in the patootie. I just get back home and now this! Well, at least I won't be getting bored anytime soon."
BENIMARU: "You got that right. Things are getting downright compelling! Do you think the appearance of that chick could mean Rugal's still alive...?!"
KYO: "Rugal...?! If that's the case...things'll really be getting compelling!"
BENIMARU: "Then...we three are a team again? So what're ya gonna do...!"
DAIMON: "Yeah, it's too bad ŽÐ I was hoping to whoop your backsides this time around."
KYO: "OK...! Well, then, let's start workin' out!"
And thus, their will's resolved, our three heroes once again team up to enter the King of Fighters '95.

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