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Pre History
A classic modern American cowgirl, Crimson Glory rides her iron horse across the paved planes of the Middle and Western United States. The only daughter in a family of twelve children, Crimson was a "tomboy" as a child. She showed no interest at all in dolls or other typical "girl toys" but instead took up wrestling and boxing to fill her time. It wasn't until her early teens when she started becoming a woman that the men she had hung out with started to treat her as anything but one of the boys.

Deciding that she was not going to change her ways for anyone, Crimson surmised that the best way to gain the guys' respect was to beat the living hell out of them. By 22, she had done just that, one, two and often dozens at a time, in just about every sleazy bar west of the Mississippi River.

Crimson sees the competition as just another bar filled with men, and although seeing her in action has often been called "the show of a lifetime," the truly wise have always fled the bars that Crimson Glory enters.

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