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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
Taking the invitation from "R" in hand, Heidern surveys the view outside his room. The densely growing jungle remains static, but for Heidern it no longer particularly bothers him.

"The mission I wish to entrust you with this time is to destroy the syndicate lurking behind this year's fighting tournament, the King of Fighters.
As he asks Heidern whether he will take the mission, the tone of the executive officer of the international police suggests refusal is not an option.
"Would you be so kind as to show me the invitation in question?"
Heidern asks this question calmly.
He opens the envelope and scans over the invitation. For just an instant, he loses his cool. The letter "R" is all there is written for the sponsor.
"R.... Rugal...."
Heidern mumbles briefly and then recalls the nightmare of 8 years ago.
This was truly an incident worthy of being called a nightmare. His men were slain one after another, screaming ghastly death cries. It is no exaggeration to say that a single man-no, fierce demon-carried out this massacre. He also took Heidern's beloved wife, daughter, and right eye as well.
"It's already been eight years, has it...?"
This nightmare plagues him whenever he recalls the love he felt toward his wife and daughter and the loss of his right eye.
"I'm sorry to be late."
Two brawny men appear in Heidern's room. They are Ralf and Clark.
"No, I don't mind. The reason I called you two here today is...."
Ralf and Clark receive the order for their special mission.

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