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Storyline of Kung Fu Panda
It takes a wise and enlightened soul to create Kung Fu -- and Master Oogway did just that. The former warrior became the spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace, and dedicated his life to protecting the small and the vulnerable. He spent his life dispensing advice and shepherding the land's inhabitants along the pat to peace and enlightenment. Although he has moved on from our realm, his wisdom (although cryptic at times) continues to be the guiding philosophy of the Valley of Peace today as it has for over 1000 years. For someone his age, Oogway is surprisingly agile. As the creator of Kung Fu, he is skilled in all forms of fighting, so every move he makes - whether bare-handed or sing his trusty staff - is applied with great skill. To the casual observer, it might be amusing to watch a thousand-year-old turtle perform intricate Kung Fu moves... but none of his opponents are laughing.

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