Vegeta (DragonBall FighterZ) says...
Heh heh heh... So, your form finally matches your power, Kakarot.
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Storyline of Kung Fu Panda
Freshly plucked from his duties as apprentice noodle maker at his dad's shop, Po is now the most legendary fighter in all of China. But despite all the adulation, Po is the same humble panda he always was. As a fan boy, he is just as likely to stare slack-jawed at the Furious Five's Kung Fu moves as he is to dish out awesome moves of his own. Though he is living his dream of fighting alongside the most legendary warriors of the Kung Fu world, Po's journey is not complete. Every day comes with new challenges and responsibilities Po must face on his way to becoming the best Kung Fu warrior he can be. Under the tutelage of Master Shifu, Po developed the unique and highly effective Panda Style of Kung Fu - which, to the untrained eye, might seem to be a series of accidents and wildly lucky coincidences. Those who have faced Po in battle know better than to underestimate his skills despite his nearly endless stream of light hearted taunts and banter.

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